Can I use your images/contents?
Offcourse, itīs an honour if you want to!
But on 2 conditions:
  • The pictures has to be intact (That means, NO edit what so ever!)
  • My name (or logo) has to be well visible in connection with the pic or info.
If you had other things inmind (pictures for flyers etc.), I would prefer that you contact me about this and we work something out, I'll be happy to help!



Can you take pictures of my dog (or other)?
It´s just fun to help out!
Depending on what the asignment is, I´m gonna take a small and reasonable fee for this.
You are welcome home to me and we can take the time to fix some great photos in calm surroundings, either inside or with some beatiful nature as background outside!
- Contact me!



Can I hire you to do my webpage?
Due to the long time and hard efford I spend on HTML-building and the minimal appreciation and money I get in return.
I´ve desited that I will not do this anymore, it's just not worth it.

I can help out with smaller project! (as in flyers, logos and such if there´s any intresst)
If you´re intressted in this, just contact me!



Can you help me show/handle my dog?
If we are at the same show, and I have the time for it. I´ll be happy to!
I won´t charge anything at all at this point. It just fun.
But if you want to leave the dog at my place and want me to prepare it for show, travel with it and handle/show it... I will take a small price for the time I'll have to spend on it plus halv of the travel costs. Thats fair huh?

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